Aaa Auto Insurance Guideline

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Another useful tip is to ask for higher deductibles. What are deductibles? Deductibles are what you usually pay before your car insurance policy kicks in. Asking for higher deductibles will lower your costs tremendously. On a cautious note, before settling on a higher deductible, be sure that you have enough money set aside, just in case you have a claim.

Although using the cost or price for your next auto insurance policy may be a good start when comparing auto insurance coverage providers it definitely shouldn’t the only factor used to determine which company to obtain your next auto policy from once you actually decide to make a purchase. You should also keep in mind the quality and financial soundness of the auto insurance company. A company that offers the best rates but doesn’t have the financial resources to pay out any insurance claims made does you no good along with a company that is stingy with its insurance money. Make sure and check the credit ratings for all of the insurance companies you are interested in using for your next auto policy. Another good idea is to check with your friends and neighbors to get their opinion on the auto insurance provider that currently insures their automobile.

Always make it a point to look for higher deductibles. Deductibles are the amount paid before implementation of the policy. High deductibles greatly lower the costs. However, opt for higher deductibles only when you have enough money kept aside to pay it if you have a claim.

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Switch drivers – For married couples, compare insurance quotes between the male as the main driver and the female as the main driver. You may get a lower quote if the female is insured on a truck and the male is insured on the minivan. Teens should also be insured on safer cars such as the family sedan, rather than a sports car.

Safety features such as air bags, traction control and anti-lock braking systems (abs) are viewed positively by insurance companies which, in turn, are reflected in your premiums. Although these systems may not reduce injury during an accident, they will reduce your premiums.

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Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses when driving at night. For many older drivers, night vision is reduced, so safety dictates not driving at twilight or after dark.

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You Can Get Locked Up For Driving Without Car Insurance

See, a couple months back a young married woman ran a red light (accidentally) and smashed into my car. Astonishingly enough, she had 2 weeping children by her side with no driver’s license. As she frantically scrambled for her phone to call her husband, he arrived shortly with the insurance information scribbled on a crumpled piece of scratch paper.

Being the nice guy that I am, I wrote down the information and then reluctantly reported the incident to my insurance company.

My insurance agent rang back within a couple of hours, and guess what I hear next? The information that this nice young woman gave me was totally bogus! The woman who totaled my car was did not have car insurance. What!

I couldn’t believe this. I was had! All of us hard working, law abiding, car insurance paying citizens fork over hundreds of dollars a month in order to comply with our mandatory car insurance laws. It seems like we are paying the bills to push back our dismay at spending large sums on something we cannot immediately see, touch, smell, or hear. Soon enough everybody will be forced to acquire car insurance.

California legislators are now debuting a three-phase plan focused on uninsured motorists. California legislators are creating this plan for people like me, for people that do pay insurance, for people that don’t make bogus claims, for people that are law abiding citizens like you and me. This plan will be enforced with the sole intent on making uninsured motorists pay the ultimate price.

Get ready uninsured motorists, here comes the bad news! As of January 1st, insurance agencies are required to electronically submit evidence of financial responsibility to the DMV. This means, if your car insurance faults at any time, the DMV will be notified immediately. What does this mean for uninsured motorists? The DMV will send you a nasty little note along with your registration renewal notice requesting that you submit proof of financial responsibility before they will ever renew your registration again. This is a must people. There is no getting around this one.

Alright people, let’s do the simple math here. If you get pulled over on or after July 1 of this year, do you really think that the excuse that you left your car insurance card in your house really going to fly with the authorities? Come on. These are the fat kids in high school who you used to pick on. It’s payback time in their eyes. As of right now, law enforcement has the same access to the current status of your insurance just like the DMV. Don’t fret, because I have good news for everybody. Read on.

The final cut throat will come on October 6th as when the California DMV will be required to suspend the registrations of uninsured motorists. Wait, what does that mean? That means there is no getting around it. It means there is no where to go. It’s your dead end buddy. Insurance is a must.

Now, I’m a nice guy. I’m a very understanding person. I’m willing to look at both sides of the fence here. Given, some people just outright choose to not have car insurance; however there are the few out there that simply cannot afford the sky-high car insurance premiums that are simply out of budget and quite frankly out of reach for some motorists.

No worries, the state of California has the bases covered for most. See, as of April 1, the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program is being offered to low-income drivers in Alameda, Fresno, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties, previously only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This low cost insurance is available from any licensed insurance agent at a cost of just over $300 per year. Lower-income drivers who meet the qualifying guidelines will be able to protect themselves and their families while complying with the law. More information about the program is available at the state department of insurance website.

If you drive into Los Angeles County today, look around you, because it is estimated that one out of four people on the road are driving without car insurance.

When the new laws kick in, sorry Charlie, but you must get car insurance, and you must get car insurance right now.

Insurance Is Fast Becoming Mandatory

With every passing day, some things become necessities. Insurance is one of those things. There was a time when only those who had money to spare invested in insurance. However, these days, insurance policies are necessary evils. But the aim is not to grow our savings. The objective is to safeguard the things that are important to us, such as our lives and the assets that we have spent good money on — the car and the house that exhausted much of our savings. By insuring our lives we are ensuring that our families will be taken care of at least partially for a while after our deaths. By insuring our cars and homes we are protecting ourselves against possible emergencies that can catch us off guard.

The main objective of availing of insurance is that it will provide protection for our assets. People do occasionally invest in insurance. But if investment is what one is after, it is advisable to turn elsewhere that will provide better returns on one’s investment. A mutual fund or yet another property purchase may be a better idea if the sole purpose is investment. But if one is seriously looking to insure one’s property, it becomes necessary to scrutinize the various insurance agents in the market. Once you look at their credentials and the kind of policies that they have, choose the insurance company that is said to provide the speediest service.

When looking at insurance deals one must do a lot of asking around. Is the insurance company a reliable one? Can you afford the cost of the insurance deal that has proved to be a good bargain? Are you likely to be able to process your claims quickly when it becomes necessary? Are these more affordable policies? Are you eligible for some of the group-specific discounts that are available? While answering these questions try and find people who have secured insurance deals. Find out if they are happy or unhappy with their policies. Ask them what the advantages and disadvantages of various policies are. And ask yourself if the policy in question is going to be a good bargain. Remember that you are going to be making monthly insurance payments, so you must make an effort to find a good insurance policy.

Shopping around is essential if you are looking for a great deal. If you are a woman or a senior citizen, you might even get discounted deals. Take your pick only after looking around in the insurance markets.